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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Collection ~ Fast Stroke Eyeliner ~ REVIEW

BEST affordable LIQUID EYELINER EVER in my opinion. :)
I've actually tried so many liquid eye liners throughout the years as my favorite everyday eye look is just a simple black line. The Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner has stood out the most for me and I would even go as far as saying that it is better than more expensive brands.
It goes on really easy and seriously doesn't budge all day. I use it to achieve fine lines, thick lines and cat's eye flicks.

It comes in a waterproof version as well. Very cheap!! Cost me only €3.79 in Boots Pharmacy on offer, its normally €4.79. Lasts for aaages. I got the one I have now like 5 months ago. No joke.

So I played around with it a little to give you an example of how good it is. enjoy :)                                                

My favorite for everyday.

                                   And a couple more.


Monday, 20 May 2013

My Most Repurchased Makeup Products ~ REVIEW

I can't get enough of these three products. Every time any of them is empty or finished I HAVE TO buy another. To be truthful I haven't been able to find any products that compare to these or are in any way better. :)

Natural Collection ~ Pressed Powder
This is most definitely my most repurchased product that I own. I've been using it ever since I started wearing makeup.... in 1st year of secondary school :O
I like to have a slight matte look so I apply this powder all over my face after applying my foundation and concealer. Its great for if you have a breakout. Sometimes foundation and concealer can only cover up an imperfection slightly but I would pat on this powder over the desired area  and it gives that lil extra bit of coverage.
Natural Collection is one of the cheapest makeup brands I know. It comes in three different shades I believe and I pay €3.09 for this pressed powder in the shade Neutral in Boots Pharmacy but I would say Natural Collection is available in most leading pharmacy's :)

Bourjois Paris ~ Healthy Mix Concealer
Best concealer ever!! Under eye circles, patches of redness and breakouts are no match for this concealer. It covers them all up leaving a glowing healthy look to the skin. Its only a small tube but a little seriously goes a long way. It lasts for ages. I've had the same one for over 6 months. No lie.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone.
I have it in the shade medium radiance but you can see all the shades on the Bourjois Paris website
Its a little bit pricey at €9.99 but for the length of time it lasts its really worth the money.

Rimmel London ~ Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation
My go to foundation :) I just love the coverage it gives. It is build-able if you like a more full coverage foundation.
The only complaint I would have is that it says its transfer proof and well I don't think any foundation truly is.
It comes in 10 different shades so there's one in there for everybody. I use shade 100 Ivory, I have quite pail skin.
I love the little pump but I wish they would bring back the squeezey tubes because its so much easier to get everything out of it and not end up wasting product.
Its not that expensive for a Rimmel foundation. I actually got it on offer for €5.85 but its usually €8.85 in Boots pharmacy. Always shop around for products that you buy regularly because they go on offer quite a lot. :)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Hair Products I Can't and Can Live Without

I guess I'll start with my favorite favorite favorite hair product that I definitely cannot live without.
It is batiste dry shampoo. It gets rid of any grease from your hair leaving it looking fresh and clean.

Obviously its not made to replace washing your hair but if you are someone who has to wash your hair every day because its greasy then this is the product for you.
I don't have very greasy hair but I have a side fringe and because I touch it constantly and because its sitting on my forehead it gets greasy after a day of being washed. So instead of washing all of my hair all the time, which is not healthy for your hair, I spray a bit of this dry shampoo into my fringe and brush it through. It is a little scary at first because the spray comes out a white/grey color but all you have to do is rub it in well and brush it through and the white/grey color will disappear and your hair will look and smell as if its just been washed.

Another great use of this dry shampoo is if you have just washed and dried your hair and its looking a bit limp or dead. I would spray this into your roots and rub it in. It gives your hair a bit of volume and texture, making it easier to style. :)
Batiste dry shampoo comes in a massive range of different scents and ones for specific hair colors. You can see all the different ones on their website
They vary in prices and sizes but its between 4-6 euro for a 200ml can.

So I'll move on to the next hair product that I can't live without and it is Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance leave-in conditioner.

This leave-in conditioner is applied to wet hair. I spray this in my hair,concentrating on the ends, as soon as I let it out of the towel. It helps to untangle my hair, which can be an ordeal at times with my hair being so thick and course. After drying my hair I can notice the smoothness and soft texture that it gives. If that isn't enough to float your boat the smell definitely will. WOW... the smell of this product is just lovely. It smells like bubblegum :O enough said.

So this bad boy is available in most pharmacy's. I bought it for €4.74 but it usually ranges between 4-5 euro :)


Okay I'll talk about the product that I most definitely CAN live without. It is Schwarzkopf got2b power'ful.

So this is suppose to be a magical powder that disappears when you rub it through your fingers and is to be applied to the roots of the hair for weightless volume.
Okay yes it disappears when you rub it through your fingers but it turns into a sticky weird consistency. I don't even know how to describe it. I don't even know why I had the guts to put it into my hair. It just didn't do what it was meant to do and not to mention it smells rank.

This is just my experience .. maybe I was using it wrong but the smell was enough to put me off.
Maybe there are people that love this product but I'm not a big fan but for anyone interested in giving it a go it is available in most pharmacy's and it costs around €5.


Lets end this post on a good note :) My last hair product that I can't live without is John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Agent Perfecting Crème. 

This product is applied to dry hair. I usually use this after I have straightened my hair to create a nice shine. Its great at the ends of your hair to pull in all those fly aways or broken hairs. If my hair is feeling dry or a bit frizzy I would rub this through my hands and run my fingers through my hair to tame the messiness.
An additional bonus is that it has that lovely 'just been to the salon' smell. mmmmmmm... :)

I purchased it from Boots Pharmacy but I know you can get it at Tesco or ASDA and I'm sure its available in most pharmacy's. It costs around 5-7 euro and is well worth.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sleek ~ Face Contour Kit & Brow Kit ~ REVIEW

So I had set out a few months ago to find a good contour  matte powder and my sister actually told me about the Sleek Contour Kit. It comes in three different shades; light, medium or dark. Regrettably I chose the medium(885) one and I think its too dark for my skin tone.

 Its packaging is of course very 'sleek' with its built in mirror and it is the perfect size to carry around in your handbag/makeup bag. 

On the right hand side of the pallet there is a beautiful illuminating highlighter which I was very impressed with. I was so disappointed that I had gotten the wrong shade for my skin tone but the highlighter made it some what bitter sweet. I use the highlighter almost every day on the top of my cheek bones and on my brow bone. It completes any makeup look giving your face a bright 'more alive' kind of look.

I did some swatches here on my hand. The powders are very pigmented and seem really good quality. The contour color is great for the hollows of the cheeks or even for the sides of your nose for a slimming affect. The highlighter is just gorgeous. Its really shimmery and comes out as a really pretty light gold color on the skin.

As I have said already I really wish I had ordered the lighter shade. But that being said i really enjoy the highlighter and I will most likely be getting the pallet again in the light shade. It doesn't break the bank as it costs €7.99 on the Sleek MakeUp website 

Okay so moving swiftly on to the Sleek MakeUp Brow Kit. Simply perfection. 

I have used countless amounts of brow gels and brow pencils but to be honest none can compare to this one. The Sleek MakeUp Brow Kit comes in four different shades; light, dark,extra dark and black. I purchased the dark shade as I have got dark eyebrows.

It comes with two different shades a lighter one and a darker one. The lighter one is a powder and the darker one is a gel/cream. I don't really use the darker one at all but my sister is quite fond of it.
It comes with two applicator brushes and a small tweezers.The angled applicator brush is my preferred choice over the other one as it gives me more control of where I am applying the color.
On a bad note I don't find the tweezers very good at all so I don't even carry it inside the pallet anymore.
It has also got a built in mirror so this pallet is very good for carrying in your handbag/makeup bag.

BEFORE:                                                                                                          AFTER:


So as you can see this brow kit is perfect for filling in gaps and creating a little bit of shape. I myself am not a big fan of big fake looking, filled in eyebrows but this pallet is great at creating natural looking eyebrows.

The Sleek MakeUp Brow Kit is worth a go. It is a little pricey at €9.99 but if your looking for something that looks natural and will last for a loooong time then this product is worth the investment. It is available on the Sleek MakeUp website:     :)            

Friday, 17 May 2013


Lip balm is an essential item in any persons makeup bag/handbag. Nobody wants horrible chapped lips and if that is the case then there is only one solution. CARMEX!!!!

Carmex is a must have. I've been using carmex for as long as i can remember and I have recently discovered the cherry flavored/scented one which has made it 100 times better for me.
This lip balm is great when your lips get really sore and cracked. It gives instant relief with a cooling/tingling feeling and within a day or two my lips are completely smooth and moisturized. Not only does it heal chapped lips but unlike some lip balms it has a lipglossy look to it so even if your lips are in perfect condition Carmex can be applied  to maintain your smooth lips and to give a gorgeous shine.  It also has SPF 15.... which wouldn't really affect me with Ireland's lack of sun.
Carmex is very inexpensive costing around 2 or 3 euro.... totally worth-it!!...

HAND FOOD ~ Soap & Glory ~ REVIEW

                         LOVE this product. This hand cream is great for dry, chapped hands. As a trainee hairdresser, after a long day of having my hands in water(washing clients hair) my hands can become rough and this is the perfect remedy. It leaves my hands feeling smooth and not to mention smelling wonderful.

                          I have tried many other hand creams in the past but none stand above HAND FOOD. A lot of other hand creams that I've used do the job but the super cute packaging and the AMAZING scent of this product really have me hooked.
It costs £5.00/€5.85  on the Soap & Glory website  and is worth every penny as it lasts up to 3 moths(for me anyway)

                       Definite recommendation from me.